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Ideas For Linking Together:



Anti- Bulling Walk A-Thon:

Imagine what can happen when every person in your school or community takes one positive step to help prevent bullying. Those acts all add up and help make the world a better place for everyone. This activity shows just how powerful we are when united for a common goal. Put on your linked together gear, select your destination and start walking. This activity will promote unity and health.


Anti- Bullying Clean Up:

Anti- Bullying Clean Up is an attempt to bring together those who love the outdoors and nature to help clean up trails, parks, beaches, and other natural communal spaces. The observance encourages people to make an effort to reduce littering and to recycle so that the nature around us remains clean and devoid of garbage. This event will make a great statement that not only are we against bullying but are doing our part to keep the environment around us clean. So, link together and let’s go clean something.


Anti- Bullying Community & Schools Human Chain:

Participants gather together wearing the linked together shirt. All will assemble in line at arm’s length and stretch across their community. Each community will calculate the total distance of their links. This is a fun and competitive way of showing your community support against bullying. Each organization can compare themselves against other schools and communities who patriciate.  Example, Jones county linked together for 10 miles, Clay County linked together for 4 miles, Bullock county linked together for 8 miles etc. This is a great way to gain community involvement and relationship with neighboring cities. Help spread the message while having fun, and don't forget to share your fun on your social platforms.

Anti-Bullying Lock Out:

Students will wear linked together shirts and link around the school or designated location to symbolize unity at their school or organization. This event will promote unity and awareness.


Anti- Bullying Sporting Event:

An awesome way to bring kids together for a time of fun and exercise. Basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball. You name it, just have fun doing it!


Anti- Bullying Fund Raiser: Get kids excited by offering them an opportunity to become part of the school's link. The goal is to get as many student linked together as possible. Proceeds can be used for your anti-bullying program or other desinated departments.


Please share your ideas and photos on our facebook page for the world to see how you link together

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